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30 Days


Step 1

Turn the bottom power switch to ON,put a coin to correct position and gently press the coin to start the coin bank.

Step 2

About 1 second later, the procedure starts up and the panda begins to work.

Step 3

The panda head rises to jack up the box cover, and its hand will take the coin into the box.

Step 4


Where is my money?

My daughter is obsessed with cats, and she loves strawberries so I found this piggy bank to be a perfect birthday gift especially when shes forever collecting quarters for the quarter machine toys at the stores we go to. It takes 2 AA batteries and since I do have a toddler and baby also, the screw on the battery door is a huge safety plus for me. It has an on off switch and its easy for her to remove the change herself when we are ready to run out the door. Pretty self explanatory, put the change on the fish bone, the pressure triggers the cat to say hello, it pops up grabs the money and says thank you and down it goes. She absolutely adores this and the price is great. Now I need a dog one for my other daughter.

Anna Olson 

So o cute! When everyone else has ordinary toys and you pull this out…awesome! And anything to get the idea of saving money into small children’s heads. My father installed sense about money from the first i remember and those lessons have served me well. I had something lime this as a child that had to do with The Addams Family television series. I remembered that when i saw this. You can’t miss with this gift boy or girl up to maybe 11 – 12years old.

Emma Stewart

This is the cutest bank. I bought the panda one because my teen daughter loves everything oriental, from comic books/Anime (called something else in Japan), to the food and culture so I think it will fit into her theme and be a fun gift that’s to her liking. There are several different animals to choose from.I don’t know how long it will hold up but at first sight it looks pretty good. Not flimsy. The bank is smaller than I expected even though I read the size before buying it, but my perception of size should not be a negative on this review. I am happy with this purchase.

Julie Moore

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